J360 Jams#46: R&D Generator Raid

This week J-Man and the Jam Fam present another great run of J360 Jams. This time showcasing the vibe of dreams and grooves that quake the universe, since the original station isn’t running right now J-Man uses the backup station to keep the show going!

Let’s see how this turns out on the R&D Special of J360 Jams.

If you like who you’re listening to tonight, feel free to click the artist’s name to check out their work.


Adam FordAstronaut
Adam FordAdventure
GemwaveDial Into The Void
GemwaveLate Nite Dialogue
ItsthedreamchaserSystems Free of Unity
ItsthedreamchaserWaves of Systems
Midnight VoidMegacorps
Midnight VoidBattleground
Maestro EternalPositronic Dreams
Maestro Eternal And Vengeance Is Forever
Neon SweatsuitCastles Of The Mind
Neon SweatsuitWheels of Infinity
UFO 1982Love Song (The Cure) (Synthwave Remix)
UFO 1982Smalltown Boy Remix
Ash ElectricElectrowave
Ash ElectricVoices
Bumpy103Why you want to do me like that
FirkensteinSince Time Immoerial
FirkensteinThere Are No Words
Turbo HamsterSaving Sirius
Turbo HamsterThere Are No Words
Adri Vinchira & Captain GhostnoteNota Fantasma
Captain GhostnoteMunatix’ Out Of My League RMX
Iyes KeenVenom (Stuck in Space Version)
Iyes KeenEntanglement
Topher Halo
MeteorDistant Worlds
MeteorWhat’s Left Of Me
TenebranNo Fight No Victory

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