J360 Jams#40: Grand Megamix

Crossing another Milestone Megamix, The J-Man and the Jam Fam are finally on the Grand 40.  To celebrate how awesome this occasion is there’s at over 50 tracks tonight celebrating the growth of the series thus far, with old favorites and new songs thrown into the mix. 

The party of all parties is celebrating the number 40 in style.

Let the Adventure begin!!!

If you love who you’re hearing tonight, feel free to check out the link by clicking their names.

Panoramic DuoPress Start
Panoramic DuoGlory Hallelujah
Adam Ford, IdeonTokyo City Lights
Adam FordReboot
ZXSPPrime Time
ZXSPSoftware Interface
SpaceForceWaves Of Time
SpaceForceZero Gravity
WarlockTonight We Ride
WarlockDisco Nebula
FirkensteinExigent Business
Omega WaveSpace Waves
Omega WaveWave Runner
Ankh WaveSpinning In The Sky
Ankh WaveJust Love Me
BlastpastHeat Death
Neon SweatsuitSax Maniac!
Neon SweatsuitFuzz In My Pocket
Acid ArcadeBack To Life
Acid ArcadeParadise
Star Madman & ManhattenTerms Of Endearment
Star Madman & ManhattenA Way
Iyes KeenNo Bliss
Iyes KeenMoloch
Final ShiftTime Flies but you’re the Pilot
Final ShiftThe Corrupted Advance
LouversHunt For The Truth
LouversWelcome Home
LavalletteSunset Baby
LavalletteNo Easy Way Out
Melanie S JaneMake The Move
Melanie S JaneCrystal Sounds
Survey ChannelSuper Sun Dissolve
Survey ChannelAahech
Emily ZuzikAlone
SP84 and Emily ZuzikPassion
TopherRed Nova
ResinSunSinking So Fast
AerowolfVoid Walker
WarpsektorSmashing The Future
Chasing NeptuneRepeat
Chasing NeptuneFuture Me
Summer SleepEscaping a Cult
Summer SleepMemories are gone forever
James PedenSpeed of Sound
James PedenProgress
A Dollar UnderwaterIn From The Rain
A Dollar UnderwaterThis is not an Exit

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