J360 Jams#39: 2021 Year End Showcase

Lots of achievements are coming our way tonight, it’s the final night of 2021 along with the last Jams because 2022 is upon us we’re going to be rocking the entire way through the time streams.  The Jam Fam is ready, J-Man’s ready and it’s time to party up!!!!

If you love who you’re hearing tonight, please click their name to see what they’re all about, and invest in them if you can.

WarpsektorThe Oncoming Storm
WarpsektorGlimpse The Infinite
LouversBreaking Nights (Lights in The Sky)
Cat TemperCastronauts Are Go
Cat TemperTelepurrtation
ZXSPSoftware Interface
ZXSP ft. Phoenix Van Der WeydenSuperbia
Decisive Koala and Star MadmanFuture Roads
Star Madman and ManhattenA Way
Nanoverse & VinnyThaBone (VVMPYRE Remix)Devil’s Night
Elyxir & Neilio (VVMPYRE REMIX)Mother Mania
Dark SaintsRitual
Dark Saints ft. EM BEThe Demon (Vocal Version)
Liquid ModernJ’aime L’automne
Liquid ModernWalkin’ Feet
Neon SweatsuitHappy 360 Holidays (J360 Jams Special Mix)
Neon SweatsuitQuest Of The Keyholder
SpaceForceSpace Tourist Second Flight
SpaceForceDreaming Of That Moment
ThorrisonRise Up
YuknoWatt & Thread MillLuxure
Thread MillHaze
WovesChristmas Time is Here
Woves1 am
AGNISAll I want for Christmas (Mariah Carey Cover)
AGNISLight and Fire
Firkenstein Sleeping on the porch
FirkensteinA New Relationship with Time
Turbo HamsterCyber Mediator
Turbo HamsterSilver Mirage
Survey ChannelLilyboat
Survey ChannelTungsten Pillow
Electron OdysseyMeet The Horizon
Electron OdysseyShow Me The Way
Bunny XDiamonds
Bunny XUnknown Places (Cassetter Remix)
Maestro EternalPunch Dance
Maestro EternalPositronic Dreams

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