J360 Jams#36: Musical Medley

It’s time for another grand slam of great music presented on the party of all parties: J360 Jams!!

Here for Episode 36 we’re giving a nice medlay of great indie music produced across the dimensions of space and time.  It will have a mixture of summer rushes, fall flavor and hijinks presented from the Jam Fam and filled with hilarity by J-Man himself.

So what are you waiting for? Come get your fix!

If you like who you’re hearing tonight, you can check out their pages by clicking their name.

Summer Of MoonsCity Nights
Summer Of MoonsOut Of My Mind (For you)
Electric SolWhy Do We Dance
Electric SolGotta Know
Iyes KeenHalo
Iyes KeenNo Bliss
Gabriela MarciaPyramid
Gabriela MarciaUtopian City
Jonny FalloutI see it in your eyes (Galaxies)
Jonny FalloutMagic Love (Flux)
Weland ft. Chris Cron, Astra VegaWeightless
Weland ft. Chris Cron, Claus SepstrupSuperpower
Neon SweatsuitButton Beach
Neon SweatsuitCoin Flip Time Trip
Scarless Arms & Star MadmanEndlich
Survey Channel & Star MadmanDecisions
WarpsketorAssimilate This (Jon Luck Pickard Edition)
ZXSPHyper Force
ZXSPLost Highway
Kim LightyearSummer Of Our Lives
Kim LightyearSomewhere Out There
Maestro EternalLucky Break
Maestro EternalPunch Dance
GeoramaCormatismo (2nd Coming)
GeoramaNeorama (Bellavista Version)
FirkensteinTwilight Reverie
FirkensteinNo Man Needs Nothing
Turbo HamsterNo Rest For The Voyagers
Turbo HamsterThey Might Be Space Wolves
SpaceForceWatcher Of The Skies
SpaceForceSpace Tourist Second Flight
Bunny XHead Rush
Bunny XDiamonds
Celestial MolliwopBoots’n’Pants (Vocal Mix)
Celestial MolliwopMass Acceleration
ScarletFight This
ScarletMoving On
The Last Days Of NovemberDust In Slow Motion

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