J360 Jams#29: Universe Expansion

Back by popular demand and not a moment too soon is J360 Jams, we’re continuing on the 2nd season with another wave of great music. This time bringing along 40-50 tracks featuring classic favorites of the Jam Fam and New Recruits expanding the brigade.

The Jam Fam’s evolution never ceases to amaze and this time you’re going to see the results.

Never forget the phrase “Jam Fam Forever!!!”

Featuring music by: SpaceForce, Blastpast, Celina, Spaceman1981, Alexandra Esakova, Denial Waits, Aerowolf, Firkenstein, Lavallette, Louvers, ZXSP, Nereid3, Jnny Cobra, Infra Violet, Neon Deflector, Thorrison, Headband, Fox In The Core, WarpSketor, YuKnoWatt, Emily Zuzik, Woves, Ghostech, Nargothrond, Maestro Eternal,Ex-Hyena, LV-380

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SpaceForce & BlastpastThrough the Universe
CelinaGet Ready
CelinaPrototype Rising
Spaceman1981 ft. Alexandra EsakovaFlashlights
Spaceman1981 ft. Alexandra EsakovaFlying
Denial WaitsMy Dark Road
Denial WaitsEntwined
FirkensteinThe Sour Suite
FirkensteinHow will I know (Whitney Vocals Edition)
LavalletteBreaking Night
LavalletteHigher Ground
LouversBreaking Night
LouversMoto Fury
ZXSPHyper Force
ZXSPLost Highway
Nereid3Little China at Night
Nereid3Tonight (I will drive to you)
Jnny CobraWe have come
Jnny CobraOverload
Neon DeflectorOutpost X
Neon DeflectorStar Dreamer
Horizons1982 ft. Nathan MadsenWalking Irrevocable
Hedband ft. ThorissonIn For The Win
Fox In The CoreThe Fly
Fox In The CoreThe Core
WarpSketorSweating with Mr. D
Emily ZuzikAlone
Will Pharoah ft. Emily ZuzikPerfect Mistake
GhostechMass Phobia
NargothrondBeyond Neon Streets
NargothrondPure Fucking Darkness
Maestro EternalA Fool’s Paradise
Maestro EternalPunch Dance
Summer Of MoonsOut Of My Mind (For You)
Summer Of MoonsNoctivagant Lovers
Ex-HyenaNight Scenes
LV-380Radio Galaxy
LV-380Hyper Drive 2079

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