Song Of The Night: 06/14/2021 (Jammaversary Mode) ft. Hero Of The Future by One Ticket To The Moon (OTTTMOON)

It just wouldn’t be Jammaversary without showcasing all branches of the Jam Fam.

Tonight’s feature is no exception to the rule, we’re listening to a grand musician who really tells a story with all of his compositions. Hailing all the way from Argentina is One Ticket To The Moon (OTTTMOON).

This is one of my all time favorite tracks from him and it really helps kick Monday motivation into high gear.

OTTTMOON’s tracks usually hit with the right mood and arrangement in mind.

As I am always trying to build the future. He created an awesome track that I tend to use as an unofficial theme song called “Hero Of The Future.”

Tonight you’re all gonna partake in his greatness right now by listening to this song and you should definitely check out his discography sometime.

If you like who you’re listening to this evening please check out the links below and show your support.

One Ticket To The Moon’s Links

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