J360 Jams#23: Galactic Grand Tour

This week on J360 Jams, J-Man leads us on another Galactic tour through the universe of great independent music to bring about another party of over 40 tracks.  We will travel through different adventures, entertaining scenarios, and excellent songs.  The Party of parties continues tonight and you all have a front row invitation!

Please support the indie artists by checking out their respective pages by clicking their name and invest in them. Keep things going full circle!


Kim Lightyear Summer Of Our Lives
Kim LightyearSomewhere Out There
Thorisson ft. SharleeNeon Skies
ThorissonRise up
Electric Sol Life Out Loud
Electric SolAccept Me
Rat King Burrito
Rat King Faces
Jonny FalloutA Desperate Plan
Jonny FalloutNight Falls on Ultra City
Summer Sleep I can’t lie to you
Summer Sleep Punching in a Dream
Blastpast Phobos
Denial WaitsMy Dark Road
Star Madman and Survey ChannelPaper Disguise
Survey Channel Red Sugars
Resin SunSinking So Fast
Resin SunCity Of Lies
Scott Toddy Ft. DreddbeatDown
Scott Toddy Wide Awake
Andre MarsElectric Eyes
Andre MarsLove, Andowyne
Neaon Brave
Maestro Eternal Fantasy Lover
Maestro Eternal A Fool’s Paradise
EtherdriveParadise we lost
FirkensteinForcing Thoughts Into People’s Brains
FirkensteinTraversing the Yard
SpaceForceRobot King Pt.1
SpaceForceRobot King Pt.4
Celestial Molliwop Redshift Theory
Celestial MolliwopInfinite Density
Toxxic ProjectMemories
Toxxic ProjectTonight
Millennium Flack Orbital Assault
Millennium Flack Last Ronin
Final ShiftReplicants Rise
Final Shift Day Racer
Neon Time Travel Sunset Palms Drive
Neon Time Travel Torque Steer

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