J360 Jams#11: Neon Storm

This week we have a spin cycle of new artists coming along with new singles presented in a hurricane of hits for us all to enjoy.  However this storm isn’t created by nature alone but with strong electric vibes and spectacular performances, and J-Man is reading to ride through it all as an adventurer does.  

Please support indie music and your favorite artists below, if you like what you’re hearing please check out their bandcamp pages by clicking their names.


1)FakebookElvin Road
2)Glances CrossedElvin Road
3)Ping Pong Jetfire Prime
4)Top Down Jetfire Prime
6)Metropolis Marvel83′
7)Skyline HeartJacket, Dimi Kaye
8)Autumn Of 2085Jacket
9)Find The TimeMelanie S Jane
10)Silver Beam Melanie S Jane
11)Killed by my loveWeland, Chris Cron
12)WeightlessWeland, Chris Cron, Astra Vega
13)Hard TimesAeroviper
14)Gravity Aeroviper
15)Night DriveRomero Synth, Synthwave Junkie
16)Mission 3, Ocean ViewRomero Synth
17)Sunset SkySpaceForce
18)Waves Of Time SpaceForce
19)Jams Segment SpaceForce and Cybogn
20)Storms are coming (Premiere)Spaceforce and Cybogn
21)Columbus 2077Cybogn, YC
23)SwarveMyths and Monsters
24)RegeneratorMyths and Monsters
25)Fate is always watching Maestro Eternal
26)Lucky Break Maestro Eternal
27)Lone NightsMoonmourner
28)Beyond The Grid Moonmourner
29)TimelinesOceanside85, Meteor
30)Neon Lights Oceanside85, Color Theory
31)Sweet CheetahCat Temper, Oceanside85
32)Doom PumaCat Temper, Czarina
33)Open EyesStar Madman
34)TonightStar Madman

Production Note: There was a segment detailing the Storms Are Coming premiere, if interested in recording a 1-2 minute segment for your single premieres. Email J using the email address below.

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