J360 Jams#10: Monster Fest Endgame

Tonight on J360 Jams, we’re giving the Monster Fest the best send off we can regardless of the real horror story surrounding us right now in terms of the Election.

This adventure is going to be full of beautiful dark synthwaves and vibes that our artists tonight can offer us and some are actually making their debuts as well.

Welcome to the Monster Fest Endgame!

Please support indie music, if you like what you’re hearing tonight feel free to check out every artist’s bandcamp page by clicking their name.


1)Digital DreadThe Rezonator
2)Evil CircuitryThe Rezonator
3)Wicked City Void Stare
4)PreacherVoid Stare
5)No Sky For DaysWarlock
6)Tonight We RideWarlock
7)In The Eye of the MachineDark83
8)Synthetic Heart Dark83
9)Digital SurvivorWraithwalker
10)Blood Moon Wraithwalker
11)Open EyesStar Madman
12)ScreamStar Madman
13)Army of The DeadGlitch Black
14)Blood & Rust Glitch Black
15)D.N.RMaestro Eternal
16)Memento MoriMaestro Eternal
17)Supernatural Maverick
18)Night SteamMaverick
19)IndoctrinatedFuture Holotape
20)Scream to the MoonFuture Holotape
21)Berserk ModeMagnavolt
22)Road RageMagnavolt
23)Nowhere Left To Run Raptorvania
24)Shredded Raptorvania
25)Vectogram Shadowrunner
27)No WorriesMoonmourner
28)And to New HorizonsMoonmourner
29)Columbus 2077Cybogn
30)6 FootCybogn
31)In the name of LoveDreddbeat
32)Save MeDreddbeat
33)In BattleDaniel Adam
34)A New FrontierDaniel Adam
35)Thunder Road Dark Smoke Signal
36) Afterlife Dark Smoke Signal

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