J360 Jams#9: Monster Megamix

In honor of the Monster Fest, and we’re being near the J-Man’s birthday. We’re going to be listening to well over 32 tracks of awesome synthwave music. Ranging from the Dark to the vibrant, and the groove to some songs that make you think.

All while the J-Man provides on some comical yet informative insight throughout it all.

By the way if you like what you’re hearing tonight, feel free to show your support to the artist via their social page, or purchasing through their bandcamp links (click their names).

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1)The Pineapple Pizza SlayerVincenzo Salvia
2)DieselgateVincenzo Salvia
4)Dead or AliveMagnavolt
5)Neuromancer’s CallVoid Stare
6)Wicked CityVoid Stare
8)In the Eye of The MachineDark83
9)Polaris Shadowrunner, Danny Kemp
11)On Sour GroundThe Rezonator
12)OmniforceThe Rezonator
13)Panzer Wolf DivisionDark Smoke Signal
14)Priest RunnerDark Smoke Signal
16)Visions Wraithwalker
18)Slayers From HellBloodpanic
19)Mystery 1Maestro Eternal
20)Mystery 2 Maestro Eternal
21)Night ShadeFuture Holotape
22)The DisrupterFuture Holotape
23)Dark SideSign of Crows & Star Madman
24)AloneStar Madman
26)Neurolink TerrorDyne
27)A Windswept HillDaniel Adam
28)Forever GoneDaniel Adam
29)Hard To Like YouDreddbeat
30)Save MeDreddbeat
31)Viral VectorDimi Kaye
32)Mechanical PsycheDimi Kaye

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