J360 Jams#8: Into The Abyss (Monster Fest Mode)

J360 Jams has been invaded by the Monster Fest. We will look into some of the darkest synth songs that are across the web. We will feel different emotions of love, fright, and delights…possibly from the ideals of a dystopian future where a creation of sorts breaks from the grid and unleashes a resistance that the likes would never expect to see…

Please Support Indie Music. If you like what you’re wearing tonight feel free to check out every artist’s bandcamp or main website by clicking their names.


1)VisionDreamshore, Clap, Thunder
5) TransmissionMagnavolt
6)Dead Or Alive Magnavolt
7)Love Found in a Ghost TownMaestro Eternal
8)Moon XXXIXMaestro Eternal
9)ScreamStar Madman
10)Dark SideSign of Crows & Star Madman
11)Imagine The EchoBest Korea
12)The CrucibleBest Korea
13)Demons (feat. Circe Electro) ALEX, Circe Electro
14)Blood Club ALEX
15)The Haunted Train Cassetter
16)NexusCassetter, Mari Kattman
17)Rain Shadowrunner
19)Neuromancer’s CallVoid Stare
20)Preacher Void Stare
21)GhostsIcarus, Oktobear
22)Machine HeartIcarus

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