J360 Jams#5: Massive Megamix 1.0

This week, J returns to J360 Radio to unleash a newer version of J360 Jams during the big reconstruction. It’s called The Massive MegaMix which includes well over 25 different tracks brought from multiple content creators from around the web. Everyone is giving it their all and the music is lit so just sit back and enjoy the vibes with some J360 Comedy to lighten the mood.

Every content creator has the right to profit and grow from their creations so please support the original artists via their main websites or bandcamp pages.


1)Summer ViceDreddbeat
3)Into The Midnight SunsetMorphoice
4)Strange NightsMorphoice
5)PanoramaVincenzo Salvia, Deathwish
6)Downtown LightsVincenzo Salvia
7)Crash-LandNight Raptor
8)RevelationNight Raptor, StarForce
9)New World DisorderFixions
11)Once Upon a Time In The EastMyths and Monsters
12)The Wild WestMyths and Monsters
14)Come with meDriver86
15)Night DriveSynthwave Junkie, Romero Synth
16)Vicious TownRomero Synth
17)From The ShadowsDroid Bishop
18)Lost in SymmetryDroid Bishop
19)AtrapadaChica UFO
20)Compulsion’Chica UFO
21)Looking Back2D Cat
22)Lose Control2D Cat
23)CyberspaceVoid Stare
24)Neuromancer’s CallVoid Stare
25)Future WarThe Rezonator
26)TerminateThe Rezonator
27)Fast LifeBloodpanic
28)Paradise Waiting RoomBloodpanic
29)Not Looking BackDimiKaye
30)Just Take HimStraplocked, Dimi Kaye
31)You Should BeStraplocked
32)DeadlineMidnight Hi-Fi
33)Nowhere to RunMidnight Hi-Fi

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