J360 Jams#4: Bring On The Night!

Welcome back to J360 Jams#4, where it’s all about the night life and the vibes that each song gives detailing how things go. From going clubbing to driving around, and causing mischief or just living it up until the sun rises.

Things are bound to get interesting especially with what’s happening with the playlist today.

If you love what you’re hearing tonight please support the original artist’s work by checking out their bandcamp pages and purchasing their songs.


1)The Calm Before The StormDimi Kaye
2)Pedal To The MetalDimi Kaye
3)A Light In The DarkRobert Parker, Double Day
4)LazerstepRobert Parker
5)This is The NightOceanside 85, Sellorekt/la Dreams
6)I’ve Been Waiting for YouOceanside85, Nebula Black
7)Scream To The MoonFuture Holotape
8)The DiscotechFuture Holotape
9)Of Steel and StoneMeteor
10)Our Dark SideMeteor
11)Active AggressionStraplocked
12)Get AwayStraplocked
13)Phantom Turboslash
14)Power ControlTurboslash
15)Endless ExpanseDreddbeat (Toys In The Attic)
16)Where Giants SleepDreddbeat (Toys in the Attic)

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