Song Of The Day: 08/06/19 Turbo Tuesday

Good Morning J360 Legion

It’s time to start our day and before you start to complain about the work week just keep in mind we have something awesome to do. Each time we wake up is a gift to us all, and we need to use that gift in order to make something precious happen.

The most important thing that can help give you that ignition is the right music and sometimes it can be better than a cold shower and a cup of coffee.

Our artist today is someone with a great knowledge of seizing the day and has powerful vocals to match. Her name is JJ Mist and we’re going to listen to “L.D.L.A” from her latest album “Communication.”

That wonderful voice can’t be enjoyed with just one song right? If you were thinking this, I agree!

So let’s listen to another track from the same album called “Operator. “

The Vibe from JJ Mist is incredible, and you have to admit she’s a bright treasure to have in the music game right now. So if you like what you’ve heard this morning feel free to show her support by checking out her bandcamp here.

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