Song Of The Night: 08/20/18 Monday Night Motivation

Hey J360 Legion

I know it’s been awhile since the last entry for the Song Of The Night feature and I have to say it’s an honor to be back to pick up from where I left off.  While on the small hiatus  I managed to locate some new artists and new music from our old friends.  It was a much needed break but as long as I continue to grow the J360 Playlist and engage some new people on my adventures daily, the payoffs began to show in interesting ways.

Since we’re all just getting back into the swing of things with Monday being the start of many grinds for us (i.e. returning to work/school or both).  This is the perfect time for my return to the feature and we’re going to listen to two songs tonight.

First track is called “Lights” by M.A.D.E.S. feat Circe Electro on Vocals.

An excellent song from the Motor EP and as of this article M.A.D.E.S has another EP released called “Awakening.”

Our 2nd track of the evening is called “Four Minutes Til Sunrise” by Crockett.

A classic track from his “Songs for The Forgotten” Ep and by listening to it you could probably feel inspirational vibes and desires to do whatever sets your soul on fire.  If you are feeling any type of motivational pushes, let it happen for you and keep going.  Fulfill all of those goals you may have for yourself right now or at least start putting them into motion.

Both tracks tonight were to help give you all that push if you ever find yourself against the ropes or feeling those Summer blues.   Time has to always move forward and so do you in preparing for the bigger/better years ahead.

If you love the artists that were presented tonight, feel free to help support them by checking out their bandcamp pages below.

  1. M.A.D.E.S.
  2. Circe Electro
  3. Crockett

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