Songs Of The Night: 07/19/18 Two for Thursday

Hey J360 Legion

Since there wasn’t an entry for both Tuesday and Wednesday just think of today as a Triple Thursday Special.  Sometimes instead of delivering the traditional two tracks that this feature is built off of.  I have a triple track special ready just in case I get too busy with material but you have plenty of talent to hear tonight.  By working on a few projects here and getting the new YouTube channel set to go. I’ve listen to a lot from the J360 Playlist and finding newer talent that could use the support and love.

So we’re going to look into three tracks from three different artists.

First track is called “Sunset” by Turbo Vice.

Our 2nd track is called “NightShift” by Collaspe Project.

Our final track of the evening is called “Gold” by Vandalle.

There you have it three great tracks from three different artists that bring something unique to the music industry fueled by passion and looking for growth as they continue to compose.  If their adventure inspires you, and you would like to hear more.  Why not show them some love and support via the listing below?

  1. Turbo Vice
  2. Collapse Project
  3. Vandalle

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