Song Of The Night: 05/25/18 Friday Night Fever

We’re going for a Neo-Noir/Romantic feel on this entry tonight J360 Legion, and we’re going to listen to the sounds of a well known musician named “Perturbator.”

For those of you that are following the Synthwave Movement he might be more familiar to you in the vein of Carpenter Brute and Dance with the Dead.  Not only as he helped pioneered this movement but he also helped craft Dark Synthwave too and this is the perfect time for us to experience it all again.

So for Friday Night Fever, our track tonight is called “Naked Tongues.” by Perturbator and featuring Memory Ghost’s Isabella Goloversic.

The resonance between Perturbator and Ms. Goloversic is amazing and they’ve also collaborated on another song called “Hard Wired.”

Which you will be listening to right now!

If you want to hear more from the artists present tonight or support them in any form.

Please check out the links below.

  1. Perturbator
  2. Memory Ghost

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