The Latest in J360 Radio: 01/13/18

It’s time to discuss and redistribute everything that we’ve covered in the week for those of you that want your J360 Fix in one shot. It was something we tested out in 2017 and didn’t know whether to go through with it or not.

However since we’re continually producing material, it’s an essential at least with our two main shows The J-Man Show and the Cyclone.

The Cyclone#24: Divisional Playoffs

Synopsis: This week the Cyclone crew discusses what happened during the Wildcard Playoffs and predict the various outcomes happening into the Divisional Playoffs. They even discuss some history of quarterbacks from the past while shedding some light on optimistic possibilities for the underdogs present in the games to come.

The J-Man Show#43: News Of The World

Synopsis: The J-Man Show is back for 2018, and this week J is discussing the importance of Mainstream Media in our society. He will look into the bare functions of what Journalism is all about from its ethics to the importance of the First Amendment. He’ll look into the problems with mainstream media as well from personnel to station ownership and more. He will also discuss why Trump’s claims of “fake news” is destroying the fabric of free press and how come you should give the media a little more credit for doing their jobs.

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