Song Of The Day: 11/20/17 Monday Motivation

Hey J360 Legion

We’re bringing in the Song of The Day Morning feature again after riding the heels of a superb weekend.  From Justice League and The Punisher’s debut on their respective programs to the great Eagles win against the Cowboys on Sunday.  There’s so much to discuss and in the end you try to figure out where to begin but last weekend was incredible.  Now since it’s Monday we have to start the grind week anew and in doing so we need to let the joys of the past days fuel our ignition.

If you are on the other side of the spectrum however a Song of The day can’t hurt either and today we’re going to honor a fallen legend. He was one of the hardest working artists in the height of the Pop genre, and created subsequent hit albums until an unfortunate scandal crumbled his base. Now depending on if you believed what happened or not you cannot deny that this man created some fine music and is still a legend to those who love his art.

So let’s kick those weekend blues aside!

Today’s song is called “Bad” by Michael Jackson.

Gone but not forgotten, We miss you Michael.

Now in honor of today’s fight song, J360 Legion get out there and pull a win!


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