J360 Nightmare Food (10/31/17)

J360 Nightmare Food (10/31/17) On a stormy Halloween Night, Alan decides to tell J about his bad experiences with food, and J decides to air their conversation live on the radio to give a humorous look into fast food, frozen food, and any kind of nightmares they’d find. Though if they aren’t careful the storm could become rapid and cut the connection any minute.


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Greetings all, my name is J i'm an independent filmmaker and entrepreneur. This is a blog dedicated to informing and connecting with the fans of my work. I will be updating this blog everyday to keep in touch with those who have helped in my team's success. In addion to myself other members of J360 will be standing by to speak with you all as well. Until then feel free to ask questions,see some clips, and enjoy your stay at the J360 Blog.

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