Song Of The Night: 07/23/17 Sunday Night Chillout 

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It’s almost that wonderful time of the week again where we have to roll up our sleeves and meet the grind.  It’s never a bad thing to put work in and reap the rewards as we’ve all have goals to achieve and even the most mundane tasks can make it possible. However people tend to overthink and take the stressful parts of the service to mind and heart when there’s much more than this in your life. Every time you put hours in and learn as much as possible so you can stay ahead of the game, that spells leadership and victory.   There’s more to life then worrying about tomorrow so we’re going to use Sunday Night to unwind and bring about calmness though the vibes of Song of The Night.

Tonight’s song is called “Reverie” by Oddling.

I know I can always count on Oddling to bring about some of the best chillwave/lo-fi beats to settle things down in my life.  Especially when the rush can be hazardous from time to time.  If you love the sounds of Oddling and want to hear more, check out his Soundcloud Page here.

Sometimes I think we don’t chillout enough on Sunday nights to help us recharge and calibrate our focus for what’s to come on Monday.  It’s a much useful exercise to practice and keep in mind these are all days that we have to work through, so just take it all one step at a time.

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