Song Of The Night: 07/16/17 Sunday Night Chillout 

Hey J360 Legion

Been awhile hasn’t it?

Well no more delays

It’s time to start again, and we’ll need to have the right music to kick it up a notch as we’re bringing all of our features back this week.

This week I’m working on the night shift so there will be seven “Song Of The Night: entries this week. We’ve got plenty of new J360 content coming, and sweet tracks to share from our friends in the music world.  We hope to showcase some new faces in addition to old favorites so if you’re a musician that would like to have the exposure, please let us know via an email (

Tonight’s Song is called “Zero Zone” by Stray Light

The second track from his EP called ” High Tech, Low Life”

If you love the sounds of Stray Light feel free to check out his Soundcloud page here.

Since Monday is around the corner, look at it with an open-mind and remember to embrace the grind.  We’ve much to accomplish and Monday is the day that starts it all for us.

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