Song Of The Day: 05/29/17 Monday Motivation 

Hey J360 Legion

Happy Memorial Day, don’t ever forget the sacrifices made in this country so that we can all have the ability and means to do what we love.  It isn’t entirely about a 3 day weekend or a BBQ, it’s about showing respect and honoring our fallen veterans.  Let’s start our stride with a bit of peace and respect to those who are unfortunately not here to share it all with us right now.

Now you will need something to start off your day especially if you’re going to the grind (Some people don’t have the 3 day)  I will say this though regardless of where you’re located today you’re all making your efforts count and it’s good you do what is needed.

Today’s song is called “Disco isn’t dead.” by A Space Love Adventure.

If you love the sounds of A Space Love Adventure, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

Disco isn’t dead and neither is your momentum, let the vibes inspire you into doing something brilliant today.  I know you all have the potential inside of you and as do we here at J360 Productions.   Our ingenuity and tenacity will help us get through even the darkest times so much that the grind will never scare us on any day.

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