Song Of The Night: 05/24/17 Wildcard Wednesday x2

Hey J360 Legion

As you can tell I’m on the night shift right now.

It’s time to give another random performance from one of the best composers from the interwebs. Will it be from a genre that is experimental? Will it be from an artist that was never featured here before? Or something completely different?

So many questions and plenty of time to answer it but I won’t explain any further.

Today’s song is called “Nitelife” by Aysyne.

Aysyne’s work is always a pleasure to listen to, and this track is one of many excellent compositions.

Matter a fact as the night is young, let’s hear an encore performance from the man with another track called “Sound The Alarm.”

If you love the sounds of Aysyne, feel free to check out his Soundcloud page here.

I know Thursday is usually the double hit day but the rhythm of the night is just to awesome for one track alone.  I’m sure those of you at certain jobs out there need something to liven you up during graveyard duties as I do.  Nothing to worry about as the night can be just as magical as the day especially when you have to do what must be done.  Right now let’s just rock the night away and make important things happen that the day shift people can only dream about (literally).

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