Songs Of The Night: 05/19/17 Friday Night Fever 

Hey J360 Legion

It’s been an interesting day for me this Friday. Had a lot to handle in terms of different tasks, and maintenance but things are good now.  I do need to have the J-Man Show#25 ready to roll, and I am starting the PowerPlay playthrough again.

However tonight should be about having fun. We should listen to two excellent tracks to get that night vibe going. Making up for lost time since there wasn’t an entry for yesterday.  I know some of you are going to go see Alien Covenant tonight or a music concert.  Since you need time to get there, let’s set the mood right by firing up the J360 playlist.

First track is from a good friend of ours named Kim Lightyear called “Leave the World Tonight.”

Much props goes to Kim for this track, it’s an interstellar adventure that should not be missed much and I cannot wait to hear anything else from her line-up as she’s out making new music.

Our 2nd track of the evening is called “Night Fighter” by Delta Machine and OB99

I just love it when the artists team up to create some vibrant magic, nothing wrong with collaborations especially when they show how a combination of styles can make a vibe that the world needs.  Perhaps a lot of you artist out there are looking to collaborate with someone to make fire too?

You all could use one more track to keep things consistent here with a Friday entry, continue to go intergalactic with this song from S.Exe called “Hologram.”

If you love the sounds of the Artists presented here tonight feel free to look into their Soundcloud pages below.

  1. Kim Lightyear
  2. Delta Machine
  3. OB99
  4. S.Exe

Have a good time tonight, J360 Legion.  I will return with another entry for tomorrow along with The J-Man Show Episode 25.

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