Songs Of The Day: 05/16/17 Turbo Tuesday 

Hey J360 Legion

I’m finally back after spending a few days with family.  A good break is necessary once in awhile especially when you need a reminder of how precious the energy is around us. Since it’s Tuesday and the start of a new week, we will need to get back in the swing of things.  Never forget that the main goal and values you all have inside of you as we work on our self-improvement, and take control of things in our lives.  Since there wasn’t an entry this Sunday or Monday how about we step into this week with two songs.

The first track is called “Drivin’Bright” by Belaride.

The 2nd track is called “Renegade” by Decade Deflector (feat. Tom Edwards).

Let the momentum from both hits inspire you to do amazing things.

If you love the sounds of the composers/artists today, feel free to check out their Soundcloud (or YouTube in Mr. Edward’s case)  links in the list below.

  1. B E L A R I D E
  2. Decade Deflector
  3. Tom Edwards

Let’s make today count and make this into one incredible week. Never stop your momentum and progress especially after a temporary break.

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