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Song Of The Day: 05/08/17 Monday Motivation 


Hey J360 Legion

It’s time to pull out into another adventure, no Monday blues in the Legion, we’ve got work to do.  Don’t worry I’m not hard pressing you to make you feel upset about anything.  I’m igniting you so that you can go through the day without feeling any ounce of self-pity cause you have to make this life livable.  Regardless of what happens political wise or without our world in the next few years, don’t use that time to live in fear.  Fear is what got us into most of our problems anyways and while a grand feeling of alertness, it can also be used as a form to manipulate and control.

Today try to change how you use that energy, don’t allow yourself to live in fear or punished by the grind.  Take what’s inside and allow it to create something new, remember the sacrifices that you are putting in are all leading somewhere that only your eyes can see.   You will need further inspiration through song form, and I know that right medicine is always the Monday portion of Song Of The Day.

Today’s song is called “Will To Live” by Velvet Overdrive, and well deserving of its name.

If you love the sounds of Velvet Overdrive, feel free to show them love by checking out their Soundcloud here.

Never doubt your worth in this world we live in, and always remember that although other elements in this world may think less of you.  It’s really your overall opinion of self that matters especially if you live in a positive way.   So start trying to bring more positive vibes into your life, and through daily strives you’ll see things change for you. It will be a process but I know that every single one of you can do it.

So strap on your gloves, step into the ring and battle for supremacy.

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