Song Of The Night: 05/03/17 Wildcard Wednesday

Hey J360 Legion

I was swamped with plenty to do this morning so I’ve converted today’s entry into a Song Of The Night feature.  I wanted to let the night have its due to present something unique from an artist that didn’t make his or her appearance on this format yet.  Someone who needs the spotlight and to give us all a great track to listen to in tonight’s vibe.  Will it be Dark Synthwave, or the deepest lo-fi riff ever made to help you concentrate? Or could it be something else entirely since it’s Wildcard Wednesday?  Since the Playlist is set to random and anyone can make the spotlight tonight.  We shall see who it is going to be right now.

Tonight’s song is called “Infinite Power” by Supervillain.

If you love the sounds of Supervillain, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

Never stop no matter what time of day it is, if you have a goal to pursue.  You need to take charge and move forward into trying to conquer it, and continue that motivation every day if you allow yourself.  It will be tough but you have the infinite power to handle it all, and never let anyone in your life tell you different.  You might be that spark you need in order to change everything in your lifestyle so start working on fixing the issues in front of you. If you’re already on the journey, you have made the right choice now keep rising and maintain your lead.

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