Song Of The Day: 05/01/17 Monday Motivation 

Hey J360 Legion

Blast off to a new grind session because the Monday Motivation portion of our music feature is back to propel you from the weekend blues.  Never worry about days gone past and live in misery of days to come.  We have to embrace this grind and let the energy from our good days inspire us to battle it through each week so we can make new memories instead of living our lives in a hollow existence.  There’s no reason to stay in such a way unless you like being there, which for a lot of you I feel isn’t true.  You want change but you need that ignition to get you going, and the drive to keep you there.

The song of the day should provide enough rocket fuel for you to launch, and the vibes will keep you traveling through Monday via light speed.

Today’s Track is called “Internal Power” a collaborative effort from two composers called NAUT x Z6BER from their Jet Set Trash label.

Let the drive you feel inside of you max x10 as you hear this energetic song, and if you love the sounds from both creatives feel free to check out their links below.



Jet Set Trash (Their Label)

We’ve much to accomplish in our lifetimes so don’t delay pick yourself up and start today so we can make results and not excuses. You’ll be thankful that you did and in the end they will be your answers to unlocking everything.

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