Song Of The Day: 04/12/17 Wildcard Wednesday

Hey J360 Legion

We’re in the middle of the week so far, and things are looking a bit topsy turvy. Could it be good, bad, or just too wacky to define? Well no one know right off but I’m hoping for a good surprise because it’s Wildcard Wednesday. The one day of the week when randomness is the law in J360 Productions. This standard also includes our playlist being set to random and finding any track on the net.  So the question is who or what will it be today?

Today’s song is called “Rooftops” by Kalax.

Always good to hear new music from our old friends right?

Sometimes the shuffle can lead us to all sorts of new directions. Believe it or not, we need that randomness to make life more exciting. I had no idea that Kalax had plenty of new tracks in addition to this one, So if you love the sounds from this artist please check out his Soundcloud here.

Now whether things are good, bad or just chaotic? It starts with your mood for the day. Hopefully you can start off with a smile, and a laugh. Keep striving no matter what comes your way.

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