Song Of The Day: 04/10/17 Monday Motivation

Hey J360 Legion

Let’s start a new adventure, Monday has another beginning set for all of us to take care of. No groaning or moaning about the grind, we have to give it some love too. Let’s make moves and strives to elevate us from the mundane. If you have a job that is mundane just remember that it is all leading somewhere. Never doubt your progress, and where it will lead you. Matter a fact motivation is what the Song Of The Day feature is all about.

I think you’ll find today’s presentation amazing and by the end, you will learn of another great composer just as I did.

Today’s song is called “Ignite” by Reeve.

Brilliant track, I hope Reeve’s song is giving you all of the hope you need to break through the grind. The best way to start off the week with the right mindset, and music. If you love the sounds of Syntax, please check out his Soundcloud page here.

The time for rehearsal is over, it’s time to perform, and show your true skills.

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