Song Of The Night: 04/07/17 Friday Night Fever

Hey J360 Legion

I’ve finally found the right role for Friday to play on our music feature. Since a lot of you are already happy about it being this first stop before an epic weekend. Keep in mind that Friday always includes the grind so maintain and give the day its due.  That is unless the night is calling for you all to join within the darkness.

Friday night is when the party comes to life. A time for all of to transform into our final forms, and live it up for a few hours. Even if you’re on night shift you can make the most out of your grind once you hear this track.

Tonight’s track is called “You’re a Vampire” by Gonzalez.

Created in honor of the legendary 80s film “The Lost Boys.”

If you love the sounds of Gonzalez, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

A Brilliant song inspired by a movie that was true to form and epic in every way especially when it comes to the charm that Kiefer Sutherland put into the role.  The Lost Boys stands as a pinnacle of 80s Cinema and that reputation  lasts to this day.  You may even find a few vampires coming to turn you into something unique tonight as you join in the festivities as well.  However dawn is approaching soon so get out there and enjoy the night.

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