Song Of The Day : 04/04/17 Turbo Tuesday Motivation

Hey J360 Legion

Song of the Day is back with a new format, and it will work in shifts with Song Of The Night. It will transfer between the two styles every Friday. Since I was a bit mixed up about Friday’s theme when starting this feature, so we’re going to put everything into action starting today.

I hope you all are putting your efforts in, and achieving your goals. Sometimes you have to reset, and give things another shot but never cave in. This is what Tuesday is all about, to dust off, and try again. I know today’s song captures that essence entirely. While we may have some difficult times ahead, it’s not impossible to look towards the positives that we can make in the future by doing little changes in the present.

Today’s song is called “2020” by Z6B3R.

If you love the sounds of Z6B3R ,feel free to check out his Soundcloud page here.

Never let anyone or anything stop you no matter what age, color, or size you are.

Shatter all inhibitions, and fight for your place in the world.

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