Song Of The Day: 03/29/17 Wildcard Wednesday 

Hey J360 Legion

Today’s going to be a wild one.

A random day within these bizarre times may seem a bit redundant but it can be essential. The middle of the week has landed, and this should aid in our stride or give us something to rock with. Possibly both considering that anything is possible. I’m feeling that message as I design another movie layout but enough about my grind. Let’s get you ready for your adventure with help from a new song.

Today’s track is called “New Horizons” by TimeCop1983.

Amazing vibes can bring out our best potential and by following that we can achieve the most accomplishments. Just like our composer today, listen to his rhythm resonate through you. If you love the sounds of TimeCop1983, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

There’s always darkness before the dawn, and as we’re in for a battle.

Be prepared to keep fighting for your place in the world.

Long as you believe in yourselves, no one can defeat you.

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