Song Of The Day: 03/27/17 Monday Motivation  

Hey J360 Legion

It’s time to get everything running up to speed with the return of SOTD feature. Some of you need inspiration to ignite your spirits as you attend the grind. I think this composer may have hit the right notes for all of us. What better day to start again than Monday right?  So no delays, let’s rise from the ashes and take acton to make the day count.  No hating on the momentum and take the time to make moves and remember that your dreams can be reality if you chase them.

Today’s track is called “Awaken” by Juno Dreams.

If you love the sounds of Juno Dreams, please check out their Soundcloud page here.

Don’t show any regrets or mercy as you give the grind its time.

Embrace, and stay focus on your needs instead of selfish wants.

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