Liked on YouTube: Why Actors Need To Take Acting Classes with Chanel Ryan

Why Actors Need To Take Acting Classes with Chanel Ryan

Chanel Ryan is an American actress who has successfully navigated the acting and modeling industry over the past decade. Descriptions of Chanel are as varied as the roles she plays which you’ll see in our interview. A ball of energy with captivating eyes in a pretty blonde package. She’s a chameleon with strength, vulnerability, and great comedic timing in equal amounts. She shines in the lighter, bubbly types and specializes in darker material, playing edgy and troubled young women.

It’s no secret that to make it Hollywood it takes guts and a whole lot of work. Talking with Chanel Ryan we learned that being an actor is like being self-employed. That means you need to treat acting like a business. By taking acting classes you’ll get a solid foundation that will translate into confidence for yourself and the potential casting directors and other actors you’ll be working with.

Chanel believed in getting a solid foundation for her career so much that she took time off to do just that. She’s been working on her craft daily to make sure she can get the type of parts that will make her proud. We hope you learn as much as we did about what it takes to have a lasting career as an actor.

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