Songs Of The Day: 03/16/17 Two for Thursday 

Hey J360 Legion

“Happy Stone Cold Day, If you’re about Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Attitude era.”

“Give me a hell yeah!”

Heh I had to do that for a little bit after all it is 3/16 and it is also Thursday so that means we’re going to have double the fun like we did yesterday regarding the morning playlist.  It’s time to make things happen again and take advantage of the adventure ahead.   While we usually share two songs from multiple artists for this entry. Today we’re focusing the spotlight on two tracks from one composer.  His name is Simon Jones and He’s created some great material over the years I think you’ll love.  So buckle up we’re blasting off into the Synthwave sub-genre called Space Rock.

The first track is called “White Space” by Simon Jones Music.

Since we’re currently in orbit we’re going to venture through the galaxy with a 2nd track from Mr Jones before we have to return to the grind.

The 2nd track is called “Rush into the Red” by Simon Jones Music.

Actually why stop at two tracks since we have to return to Earth?

Why not listen to another track to bring some additional excitement to our day?

The third track is called “Elements” by Simon Jones Music.

If you love the sounds from Simon Jones, feel free to check out his Soundcloud page here.

Remember only you can make the changes necessary to make your dreams into reality.  Nothing can stop you in your motivation or elevation but your thoughts and the best music we can hear each morning or so can inspire us to take chances and create great material.  Everything you do is all about planning and drive, sure you’ll stumble along the way but if you maintain, you’ll eventually find your stable ground and make a difference. Everything you do will be leading to a great end result so never doubt yourself as you go to the grind, embrace and fight on.

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