Song Of The Night: 03/12/17 Sunday Night Chillout 

Hey J360 Legion

It’s time for another chillout session here on the J360 SOTN feature. It’s sure been a crazy weekend and now with Daylight savings time 2017 it’s bonkers. No biggy though we’ll keep the PM format going strong regardless of the climate changes. I hope you all have been living it up these past two days as another grind week is upon us.  Don’t be alarmed however we’ve got to embrace what lies ahead of us because there is no going back.

Matter a fact look forward to a new adventure while taking this time to focus. Best results come from listening to inspirational music. The J360 playlist is brewing with a unique song to aid in your guidance. So let’s hear the sounds, feel the grooves, and trust the vibes.

Tonight’s song is called “Last Night” by Lakey Inspired.

Great smooth rhythm by Lakey Inspired, and if you love the sounds from this track please check out his Soundcloud here.

We’ve all got a big day ahead tomorrow but for right now just be thankful of all achievements you’ve made so far and keep pushing to keep that momentum strong.

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