Song Of The Night: 03/05/17 Sunday Night Chillout 

Hey J360 Legion

Since it’s Sunday and we have a busy week ahead tomorrow. It’s the perfect time to let things slow down and chill out. The perfect time to put things into perspective and strategize on how to tackle tomorrow at least. Well not really, the night is all about letting smooth beats take over and sooth your soul.  Let yourself relax for a bit and make time to reflect upon yourself and all of the progress you are making (with no comparison at all). No distractions are allowed at this time just peace, and the right music is here for you to enjoy that feeling.

Tonight’s track is called “Disappear” by Smoke Trees.

Going Lo-Fi is always a perfect thing to do on a calm night like this, and sometimes doing some deep thing isn’t a bad thing but never overthink.  Let the reflection help you keep improving and developing new skills and motivations for yourself.

If you love the sounds from smoke trees, check out his tracks and beats on his Soundcloud here.

Rest easy now Legion because the next phase starts when the sun rises.


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