Song Of The Night: 03/03/17 Friday Night Fever 

Hey J360 Legion

And a special hello to those who are currently at the movie theatres watching Logan, Kong Skull Island, or both.

It’s time to chill out for the night and listen to what the Song of the Night has in store for all of us. Since it’s Friday night I would say a great adventurous track would be incredible for the activities tonight.  Something that can help people party up and inspire some of our night shift friends out there to embrace the grind as well.  So let’s see what the J360 Playlist has in store for all of us this evening.

Tonight’s song is called “Journey” by Shyguys

Great music from two happening dudes in Sweden, and they have plenty more great tracks as well, so if you love the sounds from this track feel free to check out their Soundcloud page here.

Whether you’re hanging out the movies, working at your job, or handling a little bit of both just remember that you’re always on an adventure. Never complain and try to enjoy your efforts on the grind because it’s all leading to somewhere great.   You just have to believe in what you’re trying to achieve every time as you push yourself.  Some of you are also staying in playing the new Nintendo Switch too haha but hey it’s Friday Night so whatever you’re doing, do it well and take it easy Legion.

Because tomorrow is another adventure just waiting to be experienced.

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