Song Of The Night: 02/28/17 Turbo Tuesday Night

Hey J360 Legion

It’s time for another night shift favorite but I don’t mind being on this side of things because there’s always time for self-improvement and it is much more rewarding when you do it for yourself.   If Yesterday didn’t go in your favor then that’s why you have a day like Tuesday for that second attempt to make everything better.  It isn’t over until you say it is and since no one in this legion are quitters we’re going to have a Song of The Night to help us get through these obstacles in our path.  Our new adventure begins now and there’s nothing like using the present to be able to solve most of life’s problems.  You don’t want to bother the future with the present’s problems, and you don’t need to bog down your present by worrying about things in your past.  I know it’s usually the overdrive day but we’re going to be progressing on a different tempo yet igniting the fire inside.

Tonight’s song is called “No Way Back Up.” by Nigel Good feat. Illuminor.

If you love the sounds of the composers, feel free to check out their soundcloud links via the list below.

  1. Nigel Good
  2. Illuminor

Never drone on about days gone by just keep moving onwards to the next adventure before that passes you by as well.   Keep fighting for your place in the world no matter what anyone says or how the world tries to pull you down. Use that strength inside to keep you going so that you can fight for another goal on a new day.

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