Song Of The Night: 02/28/17 Monday Motivation Night

Hey J360 Legion

I’m working on that PM Shift again but it’s for a good cause, because it is exams month for me so things will be a bit unorthodox when it comes to presenting the blog content (like it isn’t anyways) but it’s all good.  One way or another there’s light at the end of the tunnel and in the end one of my goals will be achieved in March. I hope you’re doing the same for your goals too and fighting the good fight.   If not, well Monday’s the right day to jump start everything because I know all of you have ideals you want to put into motion.  Let’s begin by listening to a good Song of the Night, it’s a unique spin on an old synth classic from the 80s by Tangerine Dream called “Love On A Real Train.” It’s always been a strong anthem for me throughout my life but today it works giving me something to look forward too in the future and SymbolOne managed to remix it to fit my evening activities well.

This evening’s song is the “Love on A Real Train” SymbolOne Remix.

If you love the mixes and sounds of SymbolOne, feel free to check out their Soundcloud here.

Though the road may be riddled with obstacles, never let anything stop you in your momentum, and keep your mind clear so that you can focus on the tasks that must be done in your life.  That way you will never make anything less than results from your labors. Keep striving Legion because we’re all in for a busy week but we can handle it day by day.


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