Songs Of The Day: 02/23/17 Two for Thursday 

Hey J360 Legion

It’s nearing the most wonderful time of the week again.

You know it as the weekend for most people but if you’re like me and anyone else who is always putting the grind first than you’d know every day has their charm. Thursday is no different because it is time for our double shot special. Two songs to make the morning goals more excitable and handling the grind feasible. So let’s see what the J360 playlist has in store for all of us today?

Our first track is called “Jungle Theme” by DataDrive.

DataDrive also has a new EP called CCCXVII coming soon with a preview of the first single called The Pyramid’s Apex on his music profile.

The 2nd track is called “Ascent” by Florian Olsson.

He specializes in a lot of experimental sounds, chiptune, and also did an incredible remix of the infamous “We are number one” meme.  It all sounds very good too so I’m hoping he’ll be bringing some more epic tracks to his discog.

If you love the sounds of both composers today feel free to check out their Soundcloud pages provided via the list below.

  1. DataDrive
  2. Florian Olsson

Don’t let any days in your lifetime go to waste, they can be good, bad, or absolutely chaotic in nature  You can make it better  by simply addressing the challenge in front of you, and pull all efforts to make things work in your favor. Everything we do is leading somewhere it just appears mundane. So don’t admit defeat when you’re already ahead of the game by putting the work in.

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