Song Of The Day: 02/21/17 Turbo Tuesday 

Hey J360 Legion

It’s time to make another day count for success is in our midst. If you didn’t make things count on Monday, don’t worry because you can start today. Tuesday should always be about stepping things up a notch. So we shall with the help of the J360 playlist and a hi-octane song or at least a strong rhythmic one. I’d say something that puts us on the path to new goal and pursuit in our lives.  The goal as always is to destroy your inhibitions and let your inspiration flow with the Song Of The Day.

Today’s track is called “Encounters” by Moskva-Kassiopeya.

I can only imagine the hours placed into the composition of this song, and the entire Encounters EP is an incredible trip through time too.

If you love the sounds of Moskva-Kassiopeya, feel free to check out their soundcloud here.

You can just feel the motivation from this song and as you do let it guide you throughout today’s adventure. Let it put you on a voyage through the universe as you handle your daily tasks.  Remember to embrace the grind as you go through it all because it’s only going to make each of us stronger.   Matter a fact I think I may go into a new dimension and cover another assignment before the night is out.  Now if you’ll excuse me Legion, the galaxy is calling and it’s time to explore the star ways.

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