Song Of The Night: 02/19/17 Sunday Night Chillout

Hey J360 Legion

Well it’s Sunday and we have to get our mindset focused on the upcoming grind week. At least that’s what I would say if it wasn’t Sunday Night, and really you don’t have to just focus on it until the time is right.  Tonight should be all about relaxing and listening to some music to take you away from reality for a little while.  Sometimes reading helps, and going to the park works but right now you can use your own home environment to give you a sense of peace. All you really need is the right music and an earful of the best tones you’ve ever heard from the best source.   So let’s fire up the J360 Playlist and bring something in for you all to hear tonight.

Tonight’s song is called “Late Night Trippin” by Pold from his “Organized Mess” EP.

Great atmosphere, and ambience vibes to take you away from your daily stress for a little. The grooves alone explain why you should value creatives like Pold. This is an excellent EP to listen to if you ever get time.

If you love his sounds, feel free to check out more of his tracks via his Soundcloud here.

Just sit back and rest for tonight Legion because the new adventure begins tomorrow.


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