Songs Of The Day: 02/16/17 Two for Thursday 

Hey J360 Legion

We’re almost through the week. Now if you’ve been getting the stuffings kicked out of you this week due to Valentine’s Day or Cold/Flu Season (The latter for me). Well let’s not dawdle in the past, it’s time to go for greatness and finish strong. Luckily we’re going to have two songs to ignite that power inside of us all again and handle much needed business.  The grind can be unbearable enough when we do give a damn, so let’s not start getting creative with the process now.  Two for Thursday is here and that’s when you all get multiple songs to fulfill those needs of empowering because sometimes one track isn’t enough so let’s do it.

Our 1st track today is called “This Way” by Chaconne.

Our 2nd and final track for the day is “High Stakes” by Vampire Step-Dad.

If you love the sounds from both composers presented today feel free to check out their Soundcloud pages via the links below.

  1. Chaconne
  2. Vampire Step-Dad

Let’s get out there and stand up 8 because we’ve already fallen down 7. You can’t win lying down in the ground with your own self-doubt.  Everyone in the J360 Legion are contenders even those of you that wander behind, We just don’t stop standing our ground as we make our mark on this new world in front of us. So rise up as I take a cough drop and let’s fight the good fight before us now because we move onwards and never backwards.  We do have to prove our worth to not only the world around us but also to ourselves.



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