Song Of The Day: 02/14/17 Turbo Tuesday 

Hey J360 Legion

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Now before you start throwing blah emojis, and anti-valentines e-cards. You should just relax, and enjoy the day as you would any other. There’s nothing but love out there, and if you give some it will be returned to you. So make it positive while you celebrate this day anyway you’d like and I rather start it off by listening to a Song Of The Day. Now since we’re still in grind week, we’re going to listen to an overdrive love theme. Something with the right rhythm to get you going and a deep message or at least something about obsessive. However with this lady’s vocals and this man’s rhythm there’s always something to love about their music.

Today’s track is called “Automatic Love” by Tape Loader and J.J.Mist.

If you love the sounds of Tape Loader and JJ Mist feel free to check out their Soundcloud pages in the list below.

  1. Tape Loader
  2. J.J.Mist

This track was so good it had to be shared twice especially on a day like today but if you do manage to have someone similar to the woman described in this song.  This would be the wrong day to consider breaking up with them (haha).  I know you’re all going to be busy with keeping the passion stable in your romances, and speaking of being busy I have a lot of ladies to talk with so I’m gone haha, take care today.


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