Song Of The Night: 02/04/17 Saturday Night Swingin’

Hey J360 Legion

Presenting another part of our new format for the SOTD. You’ll get a Song Of The Night every weekend. Tonight should be all about the nightlife. I’ve also found a new artist for the J360 playlist. His name is Wice, and he’s just released an EP called “Atlas Prime “on Soundcloud. So in honor of his new release, and this feature’s new format. Let’s hear the first single from the EP for the Song of the Night.

Tonight’s song is called “Cruise Control” by Wice.

You know this song is just enough to get you pumped for a new adventure especially during tonight’s festivities so if you need a playlist for tonight, look into the whole “Atlas Prime” EP sometime. ┬áIf you love the sounds of Wice, feel free to check out his Soundcloud here.

Since tomorrow is the Super Bowl, don’t party too hard because the best is yet to come when the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots battle it out.


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