Songs Of The Day: 02/02/17 Two for Thursday 

Hey J360 Legion

Happy Groundhog’s Day, and whether or not our furry friend sees his shadow today, we cannot forget our real goal on what time it is.

It is time to make a double impact of success to happen again, if you’ve been going through something this whole week due to different circumstances then you’re definitely going to need the musical influences today.  We’re in a tough time lately with what’s going on in society but you should never let these things put a stop to your movement.  We can all achieve greatness if we’re willing to let go of the things holding us back. Moving on can be an essential if difficult thing to do but you’ll know the feeling when it comes to you.   Never hesitate to act onto your instincts (esp. if it is the first one) in how your run your life.  Now looking back into the playlist, I’m sure we have two great tracks to cover the ideals of rise and grind.

The 1st song is called “Singularity” by Hi-Fi 83.

The 2nd song is called “City Speak” by  Overdrive.

If you love the music created by both Hi-Fi 83, and Overdrive, please check out their Soundcloud pages provided in the links below.

Soundcloud links

  1. Hi-Fi 83
  2. Overdrive

We have to keep writing our future by what we do in the present, and not by what follows us in the past.  Sure we all have something in our past that we’d love to forget but in the end we have to gain strength in lessons from it so that we can become stronger in the present.  We’ve much to take care of and handle now so we can have brighter days in our horizons and it can be done.  We all just have to be better than we were, and challenge ourselves every day.   Let’s make this Thursday count and never give up otherwise you’ll be stuck in a vicious loop like Bill Murray was in that movie.

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