Song Of The Day: 01/31/17 Turbo Tuesday 

Hey J360 Legion

It’s Tuesday so that means another chance to make moves if you didn’t already, and we can make this day count just the same like yesterday.  Sometimes it takes another day to come along to awaken the drive within you and that’s what this feature is all about especially as you see the sun peeking in with the right music playing.  I’ve found a great overdrive hit to keep the momentum rolling well into next week (Super-effective) although the vibe varies amongst people, this hit should unite all machinations into moving forward.  So don’t even attempt to look back or away from this SOTD.

Today’s Song is called “Escape into the Infinity” by Formless Voyager.

Fascinating track, and if you love the sounds from Formless Voyager, check out his tracks on his Soundcloud here.

It’s time to get moving and handle the tasks at hand, don’t let your mind wander anywhere else than taking chances, embracing the grind and moving forward to the life you wish to lead. This is the 2nd chance, the Turbocharged day to help you get your foot in the door and to defeat any challenges in front of you.  Let’s make this day count.


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